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August Challenge: Two Sentences of Sherlock Every Day


My writer’s group has issued an August challenge to its members: write a two-sentence story every day and post it to the group tumblr. I thought this was the type of dare that Sherlock fans would enjoy too, so I set up a tumblr expressly for that purpose.


In series 3, do you remember when Sherlock said to John “Everyone has secrets, and they all replied too quickly..”

Well remember the first day John met Sherlock and asked if he had a boyfriend. Sherlock replied with “no” in less than 1 millisecond



This hurt my feels so bad

Sherlock Merchandise:


"I don’t have to die. If I’ve got you"—-Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall


Maybe it’s because you’re John’s mirror.


MYCROFT: Don’t be smart.
SHERLOCK: That takes me back. “Don’t be smart, Sherlock. I’m the smart one.”
MYCROFT: I am the smart one.
SHERLOCK: I used to think I was an idiot.

More on Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston


(inspiration above)

"I had to watch him Sherlock, I had to get up at 4 in the bloody morning to keep him from yelling out his window that you were still alive or that you needed to come back! He would yell at everyone who reminded him of you, he drank far too much and he didn’t even eat. He was constantly at your grave, talking to you. A few times he called me and asked me if I would meet him there, I’d find him with a gun in his mouth or a handful of pills, ready to go and ‘find you’. 
I would drag him back to the flat and he’d sit in your chair, not sayin’ a word. You’ve never seen him the way I saw him those 2 years. He was a wreck. He’d thought you’d abandoned him, and the truth is, you did.

But you know what? He got on without you. He stopped drinking so much and he got out of your chair and got a new job. He even got a flat of his own and he was happy. And then he met Marry, and he fell in love. She was the best thing that could happen to him.

Everything was fine, and then you came back.”